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Caldwell and Madison

Thank you for visiting New Jersey's premier acupuncture website.  Balance the Body Naturally & Your Health Falls into Place.  Acupuncture is an amazing natural remedy in returning your body to a healthy balance.  Advanced Acupuncture NJ wants to return your body to its fullest function & ability. 
Acupuncture works because the placement of needles in certain locations on your body assists your body in healing itself. 

What Can Advanced Acupuncture Do For You?

Morgan Reade, Advanced Acupuncture’s main practitioner, approaches your body with the idea that you are a constantly changing entity. Energy is always flowing inside you.  His job is to make sure the energy flows so that your body can maintain a smooth, healthy equilibrium—free from pain and full of vitality. 
We apply these methods to restore balance to what ails you:

     Acupuncture for kids (no needles!)
     Metabolism & Nutrition

Integrating Acupuncture in Verona & Madison—a Balanced Health Regimen
Advanced Acupuncture in Verona & Madison NJ stimulates an energetic situation that helps to eliminate pain & prevent future diseases. 
We do not use drugs or expect you to need surgery in conjunction with the majority our treatments.

Advanced Acupuncture works alone or we can complement your doctor’s plan—trying acupuncture will get you feeling great again.

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